Standard Quality Low EC


1)Type: Coco Peat
2)Form: 5KG Blocks
3)Supply both High EC & Low EC Peat
4)Holds 75 Litres of Water


Low EC coco peat:

Coco peat : 5kg Bale
Bale Dimension: 30x30x12cm
Unit Weight: 5kg (+/-3%)
EC : Less than 0.6 MS/CM
PH: 5 to 6.8
Fiber Content: Below 10%
Sand content: Below 4%
Compression Ratio: 5:1
Moisture: 10-15%
Dehydrated Yield: 75
Weed Seed: Nil
Packing : Pallet stuffing
Load-ability: 22 MT/1×40″ FCL